I take a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to therapy because underneath all of the pain, we are only human. I use a holistic approach, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. When we look at the link between our minds, bodies, and spirits, so much can be revealed. I tell people all the time, “You are the answers to the questions that you seek.” This means that you have the tools within you to be WHOLE. As your therapist, I am used to help you facilitate growth and discover the unhealthy thought patterns and behavior that have thrown your life off course. 

In our sessions, you will learn how to practice self-compassion and gain the confidence and courage to embrace your strengths. 


Events & Workshops addressing the following:

Shame reduction
Love Addition
Sex addiction
Relationship issues
Depression and more


The Rediscovering Me Coaching & Counseling Process:

  • We reinforce your decision to reach out for help.
  • We focus on your strengths and use your strengths to reach your goals.
  • We concentrate on your essential area of counseling or coaching.
  • We offer excellent clinical care, an individualized treatment plan, and superb customer service.


Initial appointments are about 75 minutes in length. The initial appointment will consist of getting to know each other, learning about your concerns and history and beginning to develop our treatment plan. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes long. I typically recommend the first two sessions to take place weekly and then based on my recommendations, your needs and availability, we can decide on the frequency of sessions moving forward.


Initial Consultation, 75-minute session: $170
Regular Appointments, 50-minute session: $140
*I reserve time for reduced rate appointments on a limited basis. This is based on client need and must be agreed upon before the initial consultation. Please note in your contact form if you are interested in a sliding scale application.

Payment Policy Form

Insurance * I will no longer be in network for any insurance company beginning January, 2019*