Rediscovering Me evolved out of repeated conversations with women who had lost themselves and had given up on finding and obtaining their own happiness.   What started as a dream left on a shelf to collect dust, has become my life mission. While working in a group practice setting I began to repeatedly see clients who felt that the therapeutic process had turned into a path of self-discovery.  Through my work there I realized that working with women was my passion. It became my personal mission to give women the safe space that they need to blossom into being unapologetically who they are, without being defined by who others wanted them to be.  


Andrea is a trusted Memphis therapist helping women discover their true voice as they navigate self esteem/self worth challenges, relationship issues, and life stage transitions such as young adulthood, motherhood, and mid-life. Andrea began the plans to take the holistic approach to therapy and partner with community agencies and bring awareness to areas often ignored in our communities.  It is our mission to educate about forming and maintaining healthy relationships, breaking unhealthy family cycles, Overcoming shame, and healing from trauma.  It is her hope to bring a level of care that will promote healing and help propel clients into living the fulfilled life they always wanted, but thought was too hard to obtain.

Help You Can Trust   There are two core values that are dear to my heart and are the focal basis of the clinical and business aspects of my practice: Respect and Integrity. In keeping with these values I work to establish a relationship with clients that is respectful of their needs as well as mine. The counseling environment is designed to be warm, inviting, comfortable and CONFIDENTIAL. As your therapy provider, I share with you the resources of my extensive experience, specialized training, and effective, reliable methods for change.

Open and Straightforward – At the first therapy visit with me, the objective is to assist you with identifying your needs and help establish the realistic goals to fit your lifestyle.  If my brand of therapy is appropriate for you, your involvement in the direction and pace of sessions is important to accomplishing therapy goals. The ultimate objective is to develop your personal resources and overcome any obstacles to emotional well-being and life satisfaction.

Therapy Style  I have been trained and have experience in many therapeutic approaches which I draw upon when working with clients to address each person’s unique situation. Healing and creating change that has longevity involves working two primary ways: (1) identifying underlying unhealthy patterns and understanding how and why they became established, while at the same time changing  actions and (2) behaviors in the present to become more aligned with one’s feelings and values. As a therapist I relate to clients with warm and compassionate guidance and direction supporting the process of healing and change.​